Every Tom, Dick and Harry has already written a commentary on the anticipated attack on Iraq by the United States of America. He's my take on the whole issue:

I hate wars. I find wars boring. I fall asleep watching war movies and listening to war stories. There is nothing heroic about wars. It's just glorified acts of murder.

President G. W. Bush must be under immense pressure to live up to his father's reputation, so he probably feels he needs to do something great to be remembered by. Unfortunately starting a war is probably the stupidest thing he could ever do. Here we have America acting like a big bully, trying to get everything he wants. Of course as you know, not everything you want, you can have, even if you're the world's biggest superpower. USA: "But I want to blow up Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein", UN: "No boy, you can't do that", USA: "But I WANT to! I don't care what you say, I'm going to blow it up ANYWAY!". Childish and arrogant.

Let me do a bit of Nostradamus here... The way things are going, the Bush government is going to bring down their whole country. Already they are acting very communistic - "...it's for the safety of our people, in the name of Homeland Security". Many Americans citizens themselves are against the war, but their voices are not being heard. Soon the backlash from his citizens, as well as the other countries in the world, would alienate them and the United States won't be anymore. Commonwealth of the Independant States of America.. Hmmm..got a nice ring to it.

Does this make me anti-American? Unfortunately no. We're so immersed with American culture it's hard to avoid it completely. I'm typing this on an Apple Powerbook. My other computer has an Intel processor in it. I just ate McDonald's for lunch today. MTV is on the telly. This server for web site is in a data center in the States.

I just wish the American govt. would take a good look at themselves and ask "Who's the terrorist?"

At the Brink of War