I just came back from my first ever Footy (aka Aussie-rules Football) game at Telstra Dome (I was spectating, not playing, DUH). It was a very interesting experience and it was good that I went with my colleague and his friends who explained what was going on and by the 2nd quarter I kinda got the hang of it.It was pretty confusing at first cos it's nothing like the other field-based ball games I know. Antony even told me some people refer to footy as 'aerial ping-pong' from some of the ways it's played. It's quite different watching it at the stadium as opposed to on TV at home. The atmosphere makes all the difference and I've become a St. Kilda supporter by default cos the people I was with were Saints fans, and they beat Geelong by a _very_ wide margin... How about *double* their score! 122-61. Go Saints!

Aussie Rules