On Friday I went back to uni. RMIT, that is. Building 94 to be specific.I was told by Moira, one of my former lecturers, that there was to be a presentation by the final semester students that afternoon that's why I went, and it was an excuse to meet up with the staff of the department, as well as some of the LICT students I knew who have come over. I had an ulterior motive too, that was to enquire about the possibility of getting a teaching or tutoring job at RMIT. Well I did find out what I needed to know, which was good news. Unfortunately I'd need to get something called a Certificate IV qualification before I can teach. Government regulation. Cert 4 is like some sort of teacher training qualification. I had a great time being back at Uni, though the presentation was so-so, and considering that these students have only 3 more weeks till submission, a lot of them literally 'need a miracle', as one of the panel lecturers commented. After the prez I stuck around and Moira and Mark were cool about me sitting in their Concept Development class, and I introduced myself to the 1st semester BAM students.

Back to Uni