Looks like I too got hit by the blog-comment spam that people have been reporting. It's pretty insidious too, cos it's posted in the comments of much older blog posts which I don't bother checking. It's only because I saw a rather unusual entry in the 'recent comments' box in MT which brought it to my attention. I have installed MT-Blacklist during the transition to the new server and when it scanned through, there were 20+ instances of spam which it caught. I wouldn't have known otherwise. MT-Blacklist should now be on the lookout for spambots and blocking them when they hit, and from what I've read it seems to do a pretty decent job. Please let me know if it's errantly blocking your posting of comments.In other news, the site updates are coming along fine.. been working on it nonstop the last few days and the more I do, the more I realize there's more to update. Seemingly endless templates and pages. I never thought that I'd have this much content. Today's accomplishment: Finalized on the MT Individual archive templates (I think) and custom error pages! Next up, the Monthly and Category archives, as well as the main blog Archive page itself. I'm working on the HTML and CSS files 'live' on the server so don't get alarmed if you suddenly see weird background colours or fonts changing.