Disgusting, utterly disgusting. I cannot believe the Malaysian press and public have such nerve to make such a big deal of Guy Sebastian being Malaysian-born. Just have a read through the following news articles and you'd think he was the Malaysian Idol:Malaysian's 'Angel' tops the charts (via Bernama, 3 December 2003) Nice guys do win (The Star, 22 december 2003) Sebastian isnt just another guy (The Star, 28 december 2003) Malaysian-born Guy misses World Idol title (Utusan Online, 2 January 2004) 7th placing for Malaysian singing sensation (The Star, 03 january 2004) Corny puns with his name aside, Guy and his family left Malaysia when he was six years old, for crying out loud. I do not know if he actually remembers anything about growing up in Klang nor will I even attempt to speculate, but he has lived in Australia for 16 years already and doesn't even has a Malaysian passport anymore (that is to say, he's an Australian Citizen, for you blur sotongs out there). So why the heck are Malaysians so possessive over him?? What has his 'former home-country' done for him, especially in terms of bringing his talent to light, the so-called 'Malaysian-born singing sensation' that appears in almost every Malaysian-written article about him? He has never mentioned Malaysia in any of his interviews nor in his biography/profile on the official Australian Idol web site or his own web site. Before you shoot me down for being 'non-patriotic' I just want to say I do NOT know Guy personally and although I am Malaysian, I think the Malaysian press has gone overboard and seriously skewed the view on his nationality and I resent that. Guy isn't any more Malaysian than I am Australian. (Thanks to Siew Yee and Ka-Meng for the links)

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