Sony Clié with cracked screen
(Click for larger image)

Aarrrghh... about 15 mins ago i dropped my Clié. I was moving my notebook around my room and forgot that the PDA was tethered to it with the USB Hotsync cable and it just fell flat on it's face on the floor. Upon examining, my worst fears were confirmed.. the glass screen was indeed cracked, but luckily not across the whole face.

It's a small crack in the lower left corner, where the "menu" silkscreened button is, and that button is no longer functional. "home" can still be used, but the actual tappable area is much smaller now, somewhere around the upper 1/4 of the button area.

So heartbroken.. the only time i took it out of it's aluminium hardcase because it had recently run out of battery so i was reinstalling my apps and data...

Maybe it's a sign for me to get a new one?

Cracked Clié