Last night, I had a couple of friends, Jaime and Tracey over for dinner. It had been quite a while since I last saw them, and we had been trying to organise this for weeks now, due to clashing schedules.Instead of going out to a restaurant, I thought it'd be nice to cook for them and have it at my apartment, now that I can entertain after all, with a proper dining table and some really nice cutlery my mom bought me. I had planned out a simple meal and went out to Coles to get the stuff I needed. I prepared grilled Moroccan chicken, with sides of fried potato cubes and salad. Also picked up a couple of bottles of wine, one white, one red. In just the previous day's Herald Sun newspaper, I had read some wine reviews and there were some highly rated wines that were affordable, about $15, but of course, I didn't write it down and couldn't remember what they were when faced with the huge range at Vintage Cellars. Ended up just getting some other random wines that were going for around that price. I lit up some tealights, and put on some music from my 'mellow' playlist in iTunes, and turned on the heater in the lounge/dining room for that cozy, relaxed environment. My guests arrived at about 7:30pm and we cracked open the bottle of white and chatted a bit, before I went to dish out the meal that I had already cooked earlier and kept warm in the oven. We had a very nice time, I was quite proud of my cooking, though simple as it was. I think my guests enjoyed the food. We had such a good time chatting about friends and the whole 'six degrees' thing were everybody is somehow connected and all our friends in common, catching up on little titbits of news as to who is where, doing what. Tracey brought some Baskin Robbins ice cream and we had that for dessert. Dark chocolate, macadamia cream, and rum & raisin flavours. Yum! It was such a nice, relaxed atmosphere and we kept chatting away and time passed so quickly, and the girls had to go at about 11:30pm to get the tram back home. I do enjoy entertaining and cooking, pity my apartment isn't that big, but I do prefer quieter affairs like this to loud parties.

Dinner with friends