I've been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days. I somehow caught a flu bug, but it took me a while to figure that out. Symptoms of a sore throat appeared on thursday, but the night before I had cooked Bak Kut Teh and it was a bit concentrated so I figured I might have overdosed myself on it.On Friday morning I woke up with my sinus on fire (no, not really, but it felt like it). I know I'm quite sensitive to dust and such, so I thought I had a bout of hay fever, being spring and all. I promptly took my antihistamines and as a precaution I washed my sheets, cleaned and vacuumed my room and opened all the doors and windows to air it out. Only when Kristy woke up she told me she wasn't feeling well either, with the exact symptoms. Upon further discussion, I found out a few of her other friends are down with the same thing too, which led me to believe it is a flu bug after all. Nothing much could be done about it then, except drinking lots of water, OJ and vitamin C, suppressing the cough with cough mixture and soothing the throat with honey & lemon. Well today I'm feeling a lot better and went out for a movie and watched Kill Bill (Vol. 1). It had Quentin Tarantino written all over it, and there was a lot of blood and severed limbs, but it was darkly funny also, like the way blood was spurting out like a fountain. I went with no expectations and came out pleasantly surprised, though a bit grossed out by the gorier bits (yea I'm squeamish and can't even watch medical documentaries on TV).