It sounds like a radio interview, hear chatter between no less than 3 people. The comic book/graphic novel Sandman is mentioned. Describing their new storytelling 'device' they used to bring their readers into the psyche of their protagonist.A boy of questionable mental health. Rocking back and forth on a wooden chair mumbling to himself, repeating something inaudible. Cut to scene of protagonist inside burning derelict building, admiring the 'beauty' of destruction, the colours of the flames on the walls. Yellows, reds, oranges. He runs out at the very last moment to watch the building collapse. Scene repeats twice, once, it's a solitary building, a bungalow, in the other it's a entire row of buildings which collapse simultaneously. Even the collapse is a sight to see... the building coming down in layers, one at a time, top down, drops vertically very cleanly, like a cake collapsing under it's own weight. Surroundings is a poor residential neighborhood, see many abandoned houses/buildings. Back to 'interview'. more chatter and excited talking about their new release. Excited talk, but trying to be secretive about upcoming series or book. Accidentally let slip the title, Fantastic Four (or was it Five?). Quickly try to cover up the mistake, not very successful.

Dreams of comics and madmen