Woo hoo! The G5 is upon us! I'm talking about the mythological PowerMac G5 that has been promised for years. Wow, and boy, do they deliver! Dual G5 @ 2.0 Ghz with a 1Ghz front-side bus indeed! Read up the full specs on Apple.

Besides that, Steve Jobs also made several other product announcements during his keynote address at WWDC today. They released a webcam called iSight (fantastic name!), iChat AV which can do voice chat and video conferencing ('video conferencing for the rest of us'), and Safari's finally out of beta.

The main attraction of WWDC was of course the next version of Mac OS X codenamed Panther. A lot of cool new features in Panther which I'm be looking forward to like Exposé, the Font Book, and updated Mail and FInder.

Earth-shaking new products from Apple