I've been having trouble with my email address. It appears that my me(at)jonathanpoh(dot)com address is bouncing for some people, so far I've identified it being to mail to and from jaring.my and yahoo.co.uk addresses. Any others, i don't know yet, cos obviously those emails can't reach me to tell me so. In case you're one of those affected, you can try emailing me at my alternate email addresses jonathanpoh(at)mac(dot)com, jonathanpoh(at)yahoo(dot)com, or jonathanpoh(at)hotmail(dot)com.

I have a hunch that jaring has been blocked on the server because of excessive spam originating from there (i can attest to that - my jaring mailbox is perpetually filled with spam), and strangely enough, mail from jaring sent to hotmail also automatically gets put into the Junk Mail folder. But then again we all know how 'smart' Hotmail's junk mail filter is.

I have informed my web host of this problem and it is still being looked into.. not sure how long it will take before it is resolved, if ever. So, either email me on those other addresses, or don't send mail to me using Jaring.

Email troubles