I bought a box of fish fingers yesterday evening at Safeway. Why is this a big deal? As a kid I used to hate fish fingers, for some reason (but loved fish n chips, go figure). Probably because they don't look or taste like 'real fish'. Eventually mom stopped buying them for me. I think it's also the reason why I've never eaten a McDonald's Fillet O' Fish burger to this day. So why did I buy the box of frozen fish fingers? Well it was on sale and Lemon and Dill seasoning sounded quite appetizing. Well I'm heating them up in the oven for lunch now. We'll see if I've outgrown my childhood despise for them.Update 1:37pm: They weren't fish fingers after all, they were fillets. Anyway, they turned out quite OK. The fish itself was a bit mushy and 'fake' compared to nice, firm flakes of fresh F n' C, but the seasoned breadcrumb 'skin' was crispy and tasty, so it evens out the score. Can't expect too much of frozen food anyway.

Fish Fingers