I ordered the Afterburner internal lighting kit for my GBA a few months back and after the package got lost by our ever-so-efficient postal service (you can probably guess my confidence level in them has dropped to 0 already), Lik-Sang finally sent me a replacement by EMS courier which i received on Monday. I spent a good couple of hours yesterday dismantling my Game Boy Advance and installing it. The soldering was the toughest part, as i don't have very steady hands and the pins are really, really small.

After I put everything back together, i braced myself while i put the batteries back in and turned it on, and it WORKED! What a relief.. i was almost sure i messed up somewhere and screwed it up. Well I did, actually, one step was to apply some sort of anti-reflective film on the LCD screen and the process is similar to putting on a PDA screen protector, but somehow i still managed to get some bubbles between the film and the screen. :( It's not obvious when the Afterburner light is off, but when it's on... the bubbles light up like a lens flare.. very distracting. the Afterburner FAQ states these bubbles may go away after some time, but i'm tempted to open up the GBA again and try to smooth it out some more.. or else order a replacement film and attempt the lamination process again.

I took some photos during the whole procedure, and i'll put them up later.

GBA with an Afterburner!