Sorry for the long absence.. I was actually away on vacation for the past week. Went to Langkawi on Tues and back on Friday for some fun in the sun.

Some of the tourist attractions there are a bit overrated, and Malaysian tourism still has a long way to go. Signage is bad, facilities inadequate, information uninformational.

The highlight of the trip was the Pulau Payar Marine Park where I went snorkelling amongst the fishes (and some rather tame sharks). It's a government-protected area and it shows. Crystal clear waters, huge amount of pretty fishies, corals. While wading around in the waters some small fishes actually BIT me... must have thought my leg hairs were worms or something. You could actually see the aggressive little buggers swimming back and forth and getting into a hunting position. Made me jump out of my skin the first time it bit me.

Anyway I'm back in KL now and will be travelling back to Ipoh once i settle some business with my ex-employer tomorrow.