Well I've been making changes to the site during the past few days, some minor, some major, some you probably wouldn't notice unless i told you. First of all, the archives for the blog, finally got all the kinks worked out (i think). The search box is no longer on the main page (betcha didn't even notice, heh!) but located within the archives listing. Changed the link colours back to grey cos it looked a bit 'off' but kept the blue hover colour.

Major overhaul on the ecards section with some new programming allowing you to choose a card before sending (I know, I know, this is how it is supposed to work, but I was lazy).

Hmm.. what else... well right now I'm updating my portfolio so don't go in there until i say it's okay to.. You might see things you're not meant to...... You have been warned... Everything should be done within these next few days.

Hidden changes