On the highway back to Ipoh last night, I encountered one of the rudest drivers on the road. I was on the fast lane, going at 130kph (which is above the speed limit) while overtaking a lorry, then this Idiot Black Perdana came speeding from behind me. I was halfway overtaking the lorry when the Idiot reached me and was tailgating me while GLARING his highbeam lamps in my rearview-mirror the whole time. Of course he had to wait until i was done overtaking the lorry before I could move out of his way, but If he had politely flashed I would have moved anyway. No need for blinding me in the process..

That's not the end of it.. after overtaking me, he did the same thing to a jeep that was in front of me.. and the other vehicle didn't move fast enough for Idiot Black Perdana's liking so he started overtaking the jeep on the inside lane.. just then the jeep started to change lanes and i nearly witnessed an accident right in front of me. Luckily the jeep realized the Idiot was already in the other lane and jerked back into the fast lane, letting the Idiot pass and speed off into the horizon. I hope he gets a big fat speeding ticket and/or an accident along the way. It had Johore registration plates by the way.

I hate (some) Malaysian Drivers