The updates to are almost all done, with only a few bugs and kinks to work out before the new year. Today I installed Windows 98 within Virtual PC just so I could test out the site using IE 5.0 and guess what, it's not broken at all! I feared the worst, with IE 5 having all its quirks and oddities that people have to write hacks and workarounds in their HTML/CSS to support it. Well, it's not entirely perfectly rendered...there's a big gap between the header line and the top navigation links, but I'm genuinely surprised the columns didn't break, as for a while I was having that problem with IE 6!Conversely, after installing Win98, I ran the Windows Update as any good Windows-user should do immediately after (re)installation and the WU site looks terribly cramped at the default 640x480 resolution (i'm running the VPC in a window). The text box containing the description of the updates is only 4 lines high and it's really tedious to read. Especially when you have 13 updates to install immediately after installation of the OS.

IE 5.0 compatible!