A while ago I posted a link to a page with a list of websites with minimalist design. However, many pf the sites on that page are now defunct or have redesigned and are not quite as minimal as they used to be. In any case, here my own list of current favourite sites: * 37signals * Jason Kottke * skinnyCorp * Getty Images * Daring Fireball * BlueRobot * Happy Cog Studios * Fifteen Foundation * Maniacal Rage * Huddle Together * Subtraction * camworld * Airbag * Andy Budd Blogography * Mark Boulton * Shaun Inman * Justin Blanton * Modulo26 * Witold Riedel * Karmakars * Jeremy Boles * Improv, Pastence * Mark Bixby * Jake Nickell * Extra Tasty! * Chris DiClerico * Zilch This post will be continually updated so check back for updates. Feel free to make any suggestions in the comments.

Minimalist Websites