Phew! What a day! This morning, correction, YESTERDAY morning, I was busy packing up, not just stuff for a trip, but essentially moving out of my residence in Kelana Jaya to come back to my hometown, Ipoh. Well what's happening is that come of Colin (my brother)'s friends will be moving in January and since i've quit my job so they are going to move in to the condo. And me? dontch know la. I'll probably be bumming around in Ipoh until i take off to Melbourne sometime after Chinese New Year. I might still make some trips to KL on and off.. hopefully I might be able to get some freelance jobs still (*hint* *hint*) to keep me going (financially) in the few months in between.

After a pretty exhausting day packing and driving back up to Ipoh, i had a lovely home-cooked meal and then went for the Ipoh performance of "Stories for Amah", by The Actors Studio. I had already seen it in The Box at Dataran Merdeka but it's such a good play and really hits home with me cos I myself am Eurasian and can related to the scenes depicted in the play cos i've seen much of it before with my own eyes.

After the show I joined the cast and crew for supper and mingled around with them for a bit. Very interesting people. Hats of to them cos after supper they started driving up to Penang for their next show tomorrow night. Great show in Ipoh, guys. Congrats.

Moving, among other things