After that last post on 1 Jan 2010, I hadn't actually done much to my website. I mocked up a few designs, but weren't really happy with them. Installed Wordpress on and migrated my blog posts from MovableType over, even started building a new custom template. However, I got bored and didn't really feel like doing much more with it. In the meantime, I put up a simple single-page site which had links to my Twitter, Facebook, Flickr accounts, and, my photo portfolio site (hosted by

I have come to the realisation that I didn't really want to be fiddling about with trying to design a unique snowflake, maintaining a custom template on Wordpress that might break everytime they release a new version, rely on plugins that might stop working, and having to keep everything up-to-date because due to its popularity, Wordpress is now a common target for hackers and malware. I know this because I've had to spend many days cleaning up all my freelance clients' websites that I had build for them years ago, that have unfortunately gotten compromised due to old and outdated versions of Wordpress.

I've now moved my blog over to Squarespace and fortunately it was able to import all my blog posts, but not perfectly. The formatting is all over the place, and there are a lot of broken links, and broken images as I used to host my own photos on an instance of Gallery2 on my server, and that's obviously gone now. I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to fixing up every single post, so please excuse me if you come across an old blog post of mine that looks terrible.

I've been impressed so far with what Squarespace offers, and it does look like a really powerful system. Everything's fully hosted and I won't need to worry about maintaining the server and all its moving parts, just the content. It appears that my values and attitude has changed quite a bit in the past decade and nowadays I want things to 'just work' and hate having to constantly tinker around under-the-hood to make things work, and this, I believe, is what stopped me from doing anything with my website in the last few years.