More bad news.. Just came back from the hospital visiting my dad who was admitted yesterday. He had a 2 hour long internal examination and it seems his pancreatic duct has some blockage which has made it swollen to the point it's blocking the bile duct next to it. This is preventing the pancreatic enzymes as well as bile (from the liver) from reaching the digestive system thus back-flowing into the bloodstream which caused him to turn jaundice a few days ago.

We're now waiting for the final report from the doctor and surgeon to see what's the next step to be taken. Definitely needs an operation to see what's causing the blockage and remove it. Possibly a tumor or cancerous growth. I felt woozy when mom told me what the doc told her just now. Not a good sign.

I will be postponing my Melbourne flight to next week or maybe later depending on the condition of my dad.

Update: Saw him around 11pm and he looks much better than he did earlier in the afternoon. Seems that instead of cutting him up to find out what's wrong, tomorrow they are going to do a 'dynamic spiral CT scan with oral contrast media enhancement', which SHOULD show what is causing the obstruction. Just have to wait until then...

My dad is in hospital