Few days ago (18th March 03) I went to JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) to apply for a new IC, the new-fangled MyKad which has a smart-chip on it. I was told by someone that it's quite fast, same-day processing time.

Well.... Lets start from the beginning.. I arrived at the dept at 9:30 and there was a LONG queue leading out of the main entrance. I took a peep inside and to my utmost shock, that queue was just to take a number!! Goodness.. there were at least 50 people in line.. So i joined the queue. The i observed almost everyone in line was holding a form of some sort, I kinda overheard someone saying that that's the form u need to fill up to get a replacement IC, and you can get it from inside without having to queue. As I was alone, I left my place in line to get myself a form. After filling it up and rejoining the queue it took about 15 mins to finally reach the counter where the officer checked my existing IC and form and gave me a number. Swell. Wait again. I wished i brought out my Clié or iPod to keep me occupied. Half an hour later My number was called to the photo counter to have my mugshot taken. Nowadays you don't need to have your IC pic taken at the photo studio. It's taken digitally on the spot.. but that also means you can't review your pic and retake it if it sucks. :-(

Back to waiting....

Played snake on my phone

Waited some more

Look at other people waiting...

I had a prior appointment with the dentist at 12noon and it was already 11:15am and my number is nowhere near being called. Phoned the dentist to try to reschedule but the receptionist told me the next free slot will be on saturday. SATURDAY? I told her i'll try to make it today.

11:30am I decided I'll go to the dentist now, with any luck he might be able to see me a bit earlier than my appointment time, and I might be able to get back to JPN with time to spare. Sure enough I had my check up and he told me my wisdom tooth is still a bit deep in to extract unless i want it surgically removed. It wasn't giving me any trouble just yet so I declined. Total time in dentist - 10 mins.

Rushed back to JPN, parked the car and ran to the IC dept. Got there just in time. 2 numbers away from mine. In the car I was already thinking of what to say to the officer about missing my number...

Anyway, the processing was pretty straightforward.. the guy didn't even speak to me at all.. just gestured me to put my thumbs on the biometric scanner (no more black ink for taking thumbprints), and told me I had to pay rm30 cos I didn't change my IC when I was 18. D'OH. When asked when I could pick up the card, he told me to come back in 2 months time. TWO MONTHS? geez... And i thought with all the high tech systems things would have sped up quite a bit by now. sheesh. Besides I won't even be around in two months time to pick it up, and i told the officer. He told me to leave my original IC and the receipt with my dad, and he can pick it up for me.. *sigh* Oh well. So much for e-government.

New IC