A "one-word story" by Joey, Jamie, Selina, Jackie, Shirley, Colin, Jonathan and Tristan. 29 June 2004What was the thing you saw that looked like a toilet? It seemed like yucky & yellow-y slimy Tristan who Colin ate is so surreal. Jamie didn't brush her eyebrows and wash her armpits with shampoo. Colin smelt like a bottle of toilet gunk. They were smelling each others' fart which were obscenely explosive. Regardless of whether it appeared normal or safe, it still reeked badly. Unfortunately, Tristan stepped on their toes which resulted in frogs gathering in the toilet. The crocodiles skipped dinner with the president who usually swallows toilet paper. Hamburgers, like onions smell like potpourri bought from T&T. After all, presidents prefer taking their showers in shallow and crocodile-built sewers. They were always questioning Tristan's logic for potatoes and bad (uh-oh) sense of fashion. Tristan always dreams of farting presidents when they wear boxers and suck like Jamie's vacuum cleaner, choking on some hamburgers. Finally, when Colin exploded like smelly Spongebob's snail, Tristan jumped for cover under the crocodile's armpit with too little air which Colin expelled from Jamie. Fin.

Of Presidents, Crocodiles & Farts