Whoopee! Today I stumbled upon something I've been looking for for a long time. (Hmmm.. double 'for's..) A javascript that scrolls the window to the anchor when you click on a link, rather than jumping suddenly to that point in the page. I've wanted to do that on my résumé page for a Very Long Time.

I had done extensive searches on google previously and all i got were scrolling text marquees or animated title/status bar text effects.. (definitely NOT what I want.) Maybe I was using the wrong search terms, but in any case, I had already pretty much given up. (I suck at js BTW and i can't write js code off the top of my head to save my life)

Today, while looking around at Squidfingers, I came across the Scroll Window script. Wow. It was beautifully simple and elegant, and very easy to implement and while I was at it, I updated the page for my upcoming v.4.5, XHTML-validated update of the site. I'm too excited about how cool the effect is to wait until i finally complete the site, so go check out my resume!

Page Scrolling goodness!