Don't you always secretly wish that when you buy a 6-piece pack of Chicken McNuggets, or a 10-piece plate of Swedish meatballs, they would miscount and give you an extra nugget or meatball? Well that wish came true today for me and I got 11 Swedish meatballs for the price of 10. Too bad i didn't bring my camera out today to provide you with photographic evidence...Oh well, you should have figured by now I was at IKEA, again. Went to return some stuff that I incorrectly bought, and to pick up a few more items. In fact, my room is almost done! I've been furnishing and unpacking my stuff since they arrived last week, a slow and somewhat tedious process cos I'm home alone and I have to carry my heavy boxes up 4 flights of stairs to the apartment from our storage 'room' in the basement car park. I've taken some photos of the apartment and my room, and will be taking more tomorrow during the daytime and will be posting them up soon (bug me if I don't). I've started cooking the last few nights, and this evening I had penne with leftover Bolognese sauce (my own recipe, modified from my mom's). I'm already beginning to feel the pinch, not so much cos i'm running out of cash just yet, but just the realization that I need to make my savings last until I get a job, whenever that is. Having said that, I've already agreed to go with Melissa (one of Kristy's friends) to Livid, which is a huge day-long music festival at Melbourne Park on 12th October. Among the bands performing that day will be Linkin Park, Jurrasic 5, The White Stripes, Less than Jake, Lamb, The Roots and tonnes more. Check out the site for the current list of acts (which is updated every week nearing the event). I'm not that much of a rocker but I love Linkin Park and Lamb, and besides it should be fun, cos I heard it's gonna be like a carnival there, with food, games, skate performances, bazaars, all in addition to the music, of course! I'm still waiting for my replacement Powerbook battery, no idea what's the hold-up. Apple released the new Aluminium 15" PowerBook (sounds cheap, compared to Titanium), but it's still a beautiful and impressive machine. They also updated the 12" and 17" models with faster processors. Oh, and one last thing, Google Malaysia, also available in Bahasa Malaysia. Peace.

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