Well I watched it in the cinema this morning (yes, the 11:15am show). It's pretty good I must say. I don't follow the comic books, and I didn't even watch the first movie. The story was pretty so-so, predictable at times (the heroes always win). Effects were pretty fantastic without being too over-done.

The Wolverine-Cyclops-Jean Grey relationship tension was quite well played out, I thought, though I'm not sure if that's true to the X-Men comic universe. There were a few good action sequences, of course Wolverine stole the show with the showdown with his female counterpart (played by Kelly Hu) at the end. I don't know her character's name and she never even spoke at all throughout the whole movie.

Overall I felt the film was mostly about Wolverine, as the secondary plotline was his own self-discovery. Sadly this meant the other characters didn't get quite enough in terms of character development, especially the 'kids' - Bobby (Iceman), Rogue and Pyro. Maybe some of it was already dealt with in the first movie? Anyway there were a lot of loose ends and it all looks like setting up for another sequel after this.

Review of X-Men 2