My job hunting hasn't been very fruitful to date. I'm still sending endless job applications and resumes, and only receiving rejection letters and emails. Things are getting really tight, financially. Partly due to the Post incident, and a massive electricity bill which came a coupla weeks back. Even I can't imagine how we could have clocked up $370 over 3 months. When I used to stay in North Melbourne my electricity bill was HALF of that, for the whole apartment. Phone bill also came in at $140, because it included the line connection charge.Today I went down to the city on a job application spree, dropping off application forms and my resume at Safeway (supermarket), Officeworks (office supply chain), Dick Smith (electronics supermarket), David Jones (departmental store), Dymocks (bookstore), Borders (bookstore) and Boost (fruit drink bar). I really hope I get something soon... My emergency reserves are running dangerously low.

Seeking Employment