Aaaaahh... just had a bone-chilling experience while browsing idly around blogs of people I don't know.

Let's trace the path... After checking my own site for comments, i surfed over to Midnight Lily's to see if she's posted anything today. (she did). I noticed she had a link to teddybwear which I found rather strange cos my brother also has a link to teddybwear. Two disparate people from different age groups and cliques happen to know the same person seemed a bit odd to me.

Anyway, carrying on, it was on this teddybwear's site that i found a link to SixthSeal which I found rather interesting. One of the comments for one of the posts in SixthSeal was by a certain XenMantra, which rang a bell in my head. I used to know a girl who went by the nickname XenMantra on a certain IRC channel which i used to hang out a lot many, many years ago (no it's not #mamak dangit!). I checked out XenMantra's site and checked out her gallery, but i don't recognize if it's the same person i knew before. No matter, on Xen's Links page I noticed another vaguely familiar nick, AxyDBurN so i clicked-thru to that.

Just another personal blog... doesn't ring any bells.. Links on the side show 'Jasmin' links to XenMantra, which now makes me really wonder, cos the Xen I used to know was also called Jasmin, without the 'e' at the end... Hmmmmm... Carrying on, looking at the rest of the blog links.. for no particular reason at all, I clicked on Danny Lim.

Nice site.. looks very 'arty'.. must be a designer or photographer. Went into his 'People' section and noticed a long list (with mugshots) of the 'who's who' of the KL creative scene. This guy is somebody... Browsing down... yikes! I noticed someone I actually KNOW! A fellow Ipoh-lang Clarissa Lee. I met Clarissa through a BBS in Ipoh called CompBServe (wow, i still remember..) and we've actually met in RL, then, and also in more recent times.

Wow.. If you go back and count the click-through path that I took, excluding my own site, it should be exactly 6 steps. My mind is still spinning....

Six Degrees of Separation, Proven!