Yes, everybody, contrary to popular belief, I am still alive. I have been so very busy these days I haven't had the time nor the energy to sit down and write about what's going on.My part-time job in retail has definitely helped keep me afloat financially, and I think it was a good move on my part to take it. Having said that though, It takes up quite a chunk out of my time. I get rostered to work some weeknights and occasionally weekends too. On the other hand, work on the web design side has been picking up and I'm finding i do not have enough time to focus on that, which is more important to me. It's frustrating because on one hand, the retail job is regular and I know I will get my pay checks for my bills and expenses, which will ultimately keep the web design freelance work going. Web design is my passion and earns me more (almost 3 times my hourly rate at the store), but is irregular and I usually get paid only at the end of the job. With less time to work on the web stuff now, it's taking me longer to complete my projects (and get paid). This has me squeezing every free moment I can into working on the web clients' projects, and it's exhausting. My colleagues at the part-time job are great. They are friendly and great company during the 5+ hours I spend on my feet serving customers. I've had a few bad experiences with some of them, though. It only serves to remind me of why I decided not to work for a big corporation in the first place, where egos and positions still rule and how some people are willing to step on others to get what they want. I had this last weekend off from work at the store, so I took the chance to catch up with some friends and went for a dim sum breakfast. They call it 'yumcha' here in Australia but I just can't make myself call it that. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is on too and I managed to catch a couple of shows on Sunday bringing much needed relief. My brother, Colin, has been here for about a month now and he's found a place of his own and has got his ADSL connected in the last few days so I guess he won't be so bored and depressed now. I think he was having internet withdrawal symptoms. I would too. So much of my life now involves the use of the net I can't imagine living without it. A few days after Colin moved out, my friend and former uni classmate Jaime arrived and I've also offered to let her stay with me until she settles down and finds a place of her own. The earthquake that hit Sumatra last week came as quite a shock. Firstly because it happened so soon after the last one in December, and secondly because of the fact it affected some parts of Malaysia as well. So much for us being told in school that Malaysia is in a 'safe zone' where we don't get earthquakes, volcanos, tornados, hurricanes and other destructive natural disasters. Oh well... I'll try to find time to make some brief posts from time to time, but I like to sit and think, and write something properly rather than stupid “I ate McDonalds today

Such is Life