Some years back, in 1999 if i remember correctly, there was a rumour going around about a new Apple initiative or possible ad campaign, because someone found out that the domain not only redirected to Apple, but was also registered to Apple Computer, Inc. of 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino.

It was around the same time that Apple announced Mac OS X and Darwin being the open source kernel, and how they stripped the old Mac OS Toolbox into a new subset called Carbon. Rumours were flying around then, but nothing materialized..

Then came the Mac OS X 10.x updates.. 10.1 was codenamed "Puma", then 10.2 was "Jaguar" which Apple's marketing department decided was cool and catchy and decided to put that on all packaging and promo materials. The next major update 10.3 is supposedly called "Panther" I believe. Still with me?

Well at Macworld SF 2003 Steve Jobs announced "Safari", a new web browser for Mac OS X 10.2.. You getting what I'm getting? a safari with mammals, especially big cats abound? Still points to :)

The Evolution of Apple?