Much as I dread to say this, but will be 'under construction' over the next few weeks as I renew my domain name, move the site to a new server, and update the layout a little bit. It's not a total redesign but just minor tweaks and mostly under-the-hood changes utilizing XHTML 1.0 Strict validated code and CSS Positioning (aka table-less layouts). Some of you have probably seen my test site at long as the DNS servers still point to my current host on SplashHost, the site will remain as it is. You will know when the site has moved to, and some pages may not be accessible or look really bad as I work on propagating the new template throughout the site. I will also be re-working the blog archives so unfortunately any permalinks to my posts may be broken, but I'll be using individual post archives instead of monthly archives as I have done so far.

Under Construction