Wow.. I've got a headache. I spent about 6 hours in total reading every single comment on Jason Kottke's post about Matrix Reloaded and I've only reached about halfway down the page. Mind blowing stuff. I'm pretty sure a few more pages worth would have been added since I loaded the page this morning.

It's amazing what these people are discussing about. From the good/bad CGI effects (depends on who you ask) to theories, philosophies, theologies and interpretations of the movie. People arguing and accusing others of low intellect for not comprehending the concepts behind the virtual world that is the Matrix. There's also lots of in depth analysis into detail such as the connection between Neo's apt number 101, freeway #101, and 101 being the number 5 in binary notation - which has pretty much spin-off to another discussion of its own.

I had seen this movie quite some time back, actually on the 2nd day of screening here in Malaysia, and I was quite happy with it, being more than 'just another sequel'. 'Reloaded' actually added more substance and raises even more questions than the first, and I feel the overall discontent of this movie is because it is not completely satisfying in the end, and the reason for this is plain simple - the story is not over yet! 'Reloaded' is Part One of a 2-part saga and it should be taken as such. Naturally it starts of introducing the new characters and brings the audience up to speed on what has happened since the last movie.. then when things start getting REALLY interesting... *boom* "To Be Continued Concluded".

I enjoyed the movie for what it is and am looking forward to the conclusion in Matrix Revolutions in November. In the meantime I'll probably go back to the cinema and watch it a second time. There are things i need to see again to be clarified.

Unending Matrix