Will the people who are infected with the recent spate of Windows viruses please remove me from your address book?I've been receiving emails from strange people containing questionable attachments and also loads of virus warning bounce-back emails from mail servers telling me my computer is infected, but it is obvious I did not send them. I keep my sole Windows machine patched and updated daily, and besides, the Outlook Express address book is empty. Luckily for me I only do email on my Mac, which is immune to the techniques script kiddies (hackers? NOT!) use to exploit flaws and holes in the Windows system. Oh the joys of being a minority platform user. Just to be safe, I even ran the check on Microsoft and it gave me the all clear. So please, people, Windows Update is your friend , and update your anti-virus database files too. If you don't have one, get AVG Free.

Virus-laden email