The flight to Singapore was delayed. It was supposed to leave at 6:40pm but actually took off at 7:15pm, presumably due to bad weather. Because of the delay, it was a mad rush for me at Changi as the info screens indicated my flight was on 'Last Call' already. Thus i didn't have time to walk about Changi or even to grab some dinner or a snack.I was starving while waiting for the plane to take off (also delayed due to some missing passengers and the unloading of their baggage). I even asked one of the stewardesses if meals were going to be served and after that she kept teasing me throughout the flight, like getting her colleague in front of the trolley to serve the passenger beside me first, then non-chalantly skipping over to the next row, only for her to appear behind the trolley to serve me and saying "bet you thought we missed you out didn't you?". She also kept checking on me to see if I've had enough to eat... What a hoot. One real surprise was that on SIA, their desert was "ice cream" on the menu, but not just any ice cream, it was Magnum ice cream. I watched 'The Italian Job' in-flight. Very cool. Makes me want a Mini Cooper more than ever! Arriving at Melbourne Airport, no trouble at immigration or customs, and my future housemate Kristy picked me up about half an hour later. Weather was a chilly 10 degrees at 6am in the morning, but gradually warmed up to about 15 during the day. The apartment is really nice but the room is smaller than I imagined it... I think it was meant to be a study or something, cos of the double doors and the light switch being outside the room. But then again, there is a closet in the room, weird. I'll need to plan out the space properly cos my boxes coming from Malaysia would easily fill up half the room, sans-furniture. A loft bed would definitely help but then the space I've identified for the bed has a central heating system vent on the wall, which would be at the same level as whoever's sleeping on such a bed. First thing I had to do was get my ATM card sorted out, which wasn't too much trouble after all. Medicare said my record wasn't in their system yet (updated from DIMA) so I can't get my card just yet, and was told to come back 2 weeks later. Had a very quick look at a few phone shops but was disappointed with the few in Chinatown where the sales staff were too busy with other customers and quick to serve pretty young chinese girls who walked in after me, while i stood there waiting trying to get their attention. Pissed off, I just walked out. Already managed to meet up with a few friends today who happened to be in the city around the same time I was.