Well, not exactly, but about 160cm above the floor. Yup, my loft bed has arrived and last night was my first night on it. I would be lying if i said i wasn't a bit apprehensive about spending the night so high up. Up there, it feels a bit wobbly too, especially when people walk around the apartment, the vibrations from the floor are amplified.I got over those soon enough, but still, i didn't exactly have a good nights sleep. I think the problem is that my mattress is too hard. I don't actually know what to look for when buying a mattress and got one that was rated 'firm'.. but i guess it was a bit too firm for me, cos i felt like my whole body was just floating on the surface, instead of being partly sunken in, yet supported by the springs.. Perhaps it's because I've gotten used to sleeping on soft, foam mattresses previously. I'll give it another night or 2 and see if i can adjust, otherwise I'd be returning it (or selling it) and getting another, softer and hopefully more comfortable one. Oh yes, and with the loft bed I have gained a LOT of additional floor space, which I'm now considering putting a mini lounge/reading area. I definitely need a comfy chair or sofa 'downstairs' cos it's just too much hassle to climb up and down the ladder just to lie down for a breather or a nap.

Sleeping in the Air