Well, good news is, my home phone line got connected today, which means I won't need to go online to check mail and surf using Kristy's iMac (Kristy is my housemate), or unplug her fax machine to use my own powerbook to do so.Bad news is, today I sent my Powerbook in to Apple Service to check on the battery. It can't hold a charge for more than 15 mins now. Chris, the AppleCentre technician wanted to take a look at it and run some tests before declaring the battery dead and getting me a new one (hopefully for free under warranty). When I called at the end of the day he says my Powerbook doesn't seem to charge ANY battery he throws at it, suspecting something else has gone wrong and wants to hang on to it for a bit longer... so that means i'll be without my trusty notebook for the weekend. Oh well, I guess I better start calling up people to hang out with then... :D

Online, not