Well what d'ya know... Everybody's favourite fast food chain has gotten onto the 'healthy diet' bandwagon with their new 'Salads Plus' menu. This includes a Vegie Burger, a mixed salad, Roast Chicken Salad (which I tried), and some sort of yoghurt-based desert with a mixed grain and fruit topping. Well, what can I say about the salad which I ordered. The veggies were fresh and crisp, and came with a tiny tub of croutons and of course, slices of roast chicken. The chicken was mildly seasoned, which isn't to say it was tasteless, but wasn't exactly memorable either. The French dressing that I asked for (choice of French, Italian or Thousand Island) was light and tangy. It was a filling meal, but for the price (AUD 4.95) I would say it wasn't quite worth it, considering that it was just for the salad, no drink or chips with it. In any case, this current promo, however long it may last, is still a better effort than KFC's campaign (in Malaysia at least) of trying to brainwash the public that their offerings are a 'complete, wholesome meal'.

Healthy food at McDonald's!