I just bought Massive Attack's 100th Window album today, haven't listened to it yet. Only after I paid for it and was getting back to my car in the car park I remembered someone telling me something about it being copy protected. In a wave of panic I dug out the CD and checked the back cover and sure enough it stated that "This disc has copy control." I was thinking "damn, how will I be able to rip and listen to it on my iPod then?"

Anyway I still came back home wanting to test it first before I consider returning it. Insert disc into PowerBook. Phew, it mounts, but with 2 partitions, one with the CD Audio, and another with some windows autorun thingy and a player.exe. So far so good. Launched iTunes, it seached CDDB for track info and succeeded. Tried playing a few random tracks direct from CD, sounds good.. no skipping. Now for the ultimate test, I clicked on Import. It actually started ripping, and playing back the tracks seem fine. Of course I haven't heard the whole album yet so I don't know if there are any embedded artifacts.

Although my attempt to rip the CD to mp3 appears to be successful, I have already violated one of my own personal resolutions not to support the music industry's efforts to introduce copy protection on CDs by boycotting any release that utilizes it. I think it's just wrong that they punish the very people who support them by buying originals.

Bought my first copy-protected CD