I went out and to optical shop to ask about changing the lenses of my Oakley C-Wire sunnies, cos they are unpowered and I get a bit of a headache after wearing them for a while especially driving. I had found this shop in Ipoh Parade listed on the Oakley [oakley.com] web site as a authorized dealer for their prescription glasses.

me: "So, how much it would cost to change the lenses?"
them: "Original Oakley lenses?"
me: "Yeah, the original stuff."
them: "Umm.... about a thousand"

My eyes nearly popped out, and my heart went up my throat, simultaneously.

Unbelievable. That would cost more than what I paid for my sunglasses in the first place!! Later they clarified that Oakley themselves don't do just replacement lenses for existing sunnies, instead that price quoted is for a new frame and lens. They did offer non-Oakley grey-tinted prescription lenses for RM100-200, which I just told them thanks but no thanks.

Oakley Prescription Lenses