So, I've actually bought an iPhone a couple of weeks back, and I'm LOVING it. Brilliant piece of kit and by far the most usable phone I've ever had. Just last week Wordpress released a native app which I've downloaded and played around with it and I must say it's one of the better made apps on the App Store, and it's FREE too! It supports blogs hosted on as well as self-installed Wordpress on your own domains as long as it is 2.5.1 or above.

It's very odd that on the past 4+ years I've been building Wordpress-based sites for clients and friends out, but this site is still on MovableType, since it was launched in 2000. It's received a few facelifts between then and now but it's always been on MT, only because I've been very reluctant to migrate all my blog posts, and to rebuild all the templates for a new platform.

I know I've been neglecting this blog for too long now. I need to figure out what I want to do with it and the site as a whole. Perhaps moving it over to Wordpress I might be more inclined to post more often if I can do it easily on the iPhone while I'm on the train or even on the couch at home, but then again, one of the main reasons for not posting as often as I should is that I feel a responsibility to compose meaningful posts up here and not just ramblings which would put me in the same class as the emo kids and their LiveJournals. Well, i use Twitter for that. :) This site needs more than just a new coat of paint. I don't feel that it represents me anymore. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or via email.