It's the last day of my 20s. I'm turning the page tomorrow and being all grown up now. It feels weird, like all the other milestones you have to go through. Going from primary to secondary school, finishing secondary school and going to college, turning 18, 21, 24, finishing college and starting work, moving to Australia...When you look back they seem small and insignificant, but at the time, it's like the biggest thing ever, and you don't know what the future holds. I'm feeling the same again right now. My life has never been better and I feel like I'm in a good space.

I'm now working full-time at a great creative agency, producing good work and earning a decent paycheck, which has lifted the constant and stress of working freelance. Sure, it does get stressful at work with some tight deadlines, but at least I can just focus on my work and not be juggling a million things in my head. Many of my friends are already getting married, and while my closest friends haven't had kids yet, but I'm sure it's gonna start happening soon. It is weird how friendships and relationships evolve and change as circumstances change.

I know 30 is just a number and tomorrow I'll wake up feeling no different -- I'll still be the very same person I am today, yet there's a sort of line that is being crossed. Getting older. Ticking a different 'age bracket' box in forms. Becoming an adult and having to 'act your age'. Being sensible and pragmatic. Making big decisions about where I'm going in life. It's all irrational, really, all these worries and anxieties. But I just can't help it... You always read about young hotshot 20-somethings setting up successful Web 2.0 companies and selling out for millions.

What have I achieved before hitting 30? Well, I've moved to different country and settled myself down here, established new social and professional networks over here in Melbourne. I've worked for myself and made a living doing freelance and contract web design and development work. Got headhunted for a couple of jobs and eventually placed at Sputnik Agency where I am now. I also finally did a bit of traveling and went to the UK, Germany, Netherlands and the UAE for the first time, something I'd been thinking and talking about for a long time.

My friends tell me that's all admirable achievements and some don't even get to do that, so i guess it's all relative. I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've had and being where I am. Still doesn't help with the uncertainty of the future though! 2007 was a bit of a rough year with more than average low points but it ended on a good note for me, and 2008 has been good so far, so I'm optimistic. Being 30 will be exciting so bring it on!

Turning 30