Just had dinner with Chris last night. It's been such a long time since I'd had a proper catch up with him, even though he's been back in Melbourne for quite a while now, and we see each other every once in a while but with other people and environments where it's not very conducive to conversation. It was a nice dinner at Mecca Bah in Docklands and so we pretty much talked about life, the universe and everything.

Things have been so busy and moving so fast lately that I've realised how bad I am at keeping in touch with my friends, and I really miss them, the old gang from Ipoh with one in Manchester and another in Singapore... you know who you are! Also my college friends whom most of them are still in KL, where we shared some great times together and enjoyed those long, deep discussions late at night at the mamak stall or Coffee Bean. It's the Queens Birthday long weekend and I've been really looking forward to some time out for a quite a while now. I'll be going with a few friends down to Wilson's Prom for some quiet R&R away from the city. The house we've booked is even off the grid, being completely solar-powered. Talk about isolated! It would be great to go for walks in the country or just chilling out reading a book or watching a dvd. We'll be leaving tonight after work, so we'd have the most of the 3 days we're there.

As I was telling Chris last night, I've just been completely slacking in the blogging front as it just takes some effort to write something meaningful, and I've just not been able find the time to do that. Despite that, I think I'm gonna have to make some time for it and start posting regularly again. I've also been playing around with Twitter for a few months now, barring it's sporadic downtime, it's been quite an interesting paradigm in the blogging space, almost like a cross between IM and blogging. Being able to send a SMS to Twitter also makes it even easier to post to than setting up a moblog which I've tried before. My Twitter ID/profile page is http://twitter.com/jonathanpoh if you want to keep up with what I'm up to.