Oooh I'm exhausted. I've had such a hectic weekend with lots of going outs with various groups of friends, and yesterday I went cycling.I haven't bought my bicycle yet, which is something I've been looking at since it's fairly easy to get around on bike here with dedicated bike lanes and groups pushing for cyclists rights on the road. I went cycling with a friend, and we had borrowed some bikes and went down to the bike trail along St Kilda Beach. From there we just followed the beach along the bay down to Brighton, Hampton and reaching Sandringham, about 12 km away. We stopped there for lunch, and decided to head back as the clouds blew over and it started getting a bit colder, and it even started drizzling halfway. There were lots of other cyclists on the track and the road alongside. It's a popular bike trail, for good reason. I had not been doing any exercise in a long time, and no cycling for _years_, since the time I was studying in college in PJ. As expected, the 24 km return bike ride took quite a bit out of me. I was totally drained and exhausted, but it was good. I had fun and got a good workout. I really missed cycling. My thighs are still aching, but it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Next, to get a bicycle of my own!

Cycling to Sandringham