Today marks the anniversary of my arrival to Australia as a Permanent Resident. It has been a rather interesting year indeed.Lots of ups and downs, mostly downs actually. But you gotta start somewhere, and I'm starting to get comfortable living here, establishing myself and building up a network of friends. I've also moved into a place of my own, initially living on my own until I decided I can't really afford it with my paltry income at the moment, and found a flatmate to share it with. How quickly time files, for better or worse. Another year and a few months and I'd have met the requirements for my visa and I'd have to think about the next step. Just as I've crossed my halfway mark, some of my friends are just starting out, in different ways. Chris has just arrived a few months ago, and he got a job fairly quickly upon arrival. Ka-Meng on the other hand had been job-hunting for almost 2 years but finally has started at a position which he's been waiting patiently suited for. Jaime is due to arrive anytime now. As for myself, I'm getting used to working on my own, and getting ready to take on the world. Still needs a lot more planning but I'm getting there. One year gone and many more ahead!

1st Anniversary in Australia