This morning I got up bright and early to take a look at a garage sale that was on in my neighbourhood, about 10 mins walk away from my apartment. My apartment has been tragically devoid of furniture ever since I moved in.At the sale, there were plenty of stuff the household was getting rid off, in preparation to go back home overseas. There was a lounge set consisting of 2 'sofas', a coffee table and a lamp. The chairs are a odd size -- Smaller than a typical 2-seater couch, but just big enough for 2 people to squeeze in. Initial price was $50 for the lot, which got me thinking about it. The only thing holding me back was that it was a bit old, and the fabric covering wasn't exactly to my taste, looking a bit old-fashioned. While I was mulling over it, the sellers came up and offered to let me have it for $40. It was then I just decided to get it anyway. At that price, it was too good a deal to pass off. Even if I hated it, it's cheap enough to get a fairly decent set to sit on until I can afford something better. Another good buy I got from there was a month-old 12-fin oil-filled heater which was going for only $65. They even loaded everything up into a ute and sent it over to my apartment! After a bit of rearranging of my existing stuff, I've now got a wonderful living/work area which actually looks _livable_. The furniture fits in the living room space _perfectly_ and despite the initial dislike for it, it's really growing on me and I'm loving it. My new lounge set

New Furniture