Today Malaysia celebrates it's 47th year of independence! There isn't much happening here that I know of, except for some parties organized by (and for) Malaysian students.And so what did I do on this day? I splurged on a haircut. Went to see Kelly in South Yarra, a hairdresser highly recommended by a friend of mine, to do something about the mop-head of mine. I have not had a change in hairstyle for years, as you all have noticed. the basic wash-n-wear and spiked-up-with-gel look. Jon's New Hairdo Back View Kelly's awesome and creative with hair, and the result is a kinda funky look. She's trimmed down the sides, but kept a bit of my original hair length down the middle, curving round to the back to give it a more interesting texture. and to accentuate that 'ridge' we decided to put a little colour in. Nothing drastic, just a little brownish tones. I was quite nervous about it at first, at what she was going to do to my hair, but the end result is great and I love it.

Happy Merdeka / New Hair