Epicure is a local rock band - from Ballarat, Victoria - and they are about to release a new album entitled _The Goodbye Girl_ next week. Today their new web site is launched.http://www.epicuretheband.com Obligatory disclaimer: I designed and coded the site :) (for quicksmartweb, the company I work for). It's one of the more interesting projects I've worked on so far. I've always wanted to design a band/artiste's web site. I think it looks pretty good (of course, I'm biased). On a side note... will the (X)HTML/CSS maestros out there please help me figure out this bug.. the "discography" heading text goes missing in MSIE6/windows but appears correctly on ALL other browsers, including MSIE5/windows. The text just below it also wraps when it shouldn't. Very weird. The code is definitely in there and the HTML and CSS validates.

Epicure site launch