Spent most of yesterday drawing icons for my FlatGrey theme. I already gotten permission from Milosz Wlazlo to use his MANTZY icon set, unfortunately they don't scale well to the tiny 'function bar' icon size. Also, it didn't help that his icons were anti-aliased and It was difficult and time-consuming to sharpen the edges and still have a decent looking icon that would suit well on any background colour or image. So, I ended up drawing my own function icons, pixel-by-pixel.I still consider this a beta version, because it's still limited to hi-res Palm OS 5 devices. I'm hoping some Clié users will come up and volunteer to test it on their PDAs before i make a final release. I'll probably not create a low-res version though. FlatGrey 1.00b2 can be found in my Palm Downloads section.

FlatGrey zLauncher theme b2