I've decided I'm going to get a Nintendo DS Lite which would be available in Australia tomorrow, 1st June 2006. I've listed my Nintendo DS on eBay, so if anybody is interested in getting a pre-loved NDS, go take a look. It's in good condition, with only a few scuffs and scratches.I'm also thinking of selling my GameCube, which I've not touched for a long time now. It's the black-coloured console, with a single matching black controller. I have four games, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Mario Sunshine (all good games!). I'd rather sell them all together with the machine than separately. I've got 2 memory cards, one 251 and one 59 (came with Animal Crossing). Comes with power and A/V leads. The other thing is my Palm Tungsten T3. I've just been using it so little, it's spending most of the time in the cradle on my desk. I guess this is due to other gadgets meeting my needs better. My iPod plays music and videos well, and has the storage for it. The DS has better games, and makes great use of the touchscreen and mic as gaming interfaces, which not a single Palm game ever came remotely close. As for contacts and appointments, I've realised I don't really need my entire address book with me, all the time, and the subset which fits on my mobile phone is enough. Besides, the iPod also syncs both so I can still look them up obscure numbers if I need to. The T3 comes with standard accessories, a 128MB SD card, a good quality screen protector. It does however suffer from the well-reported digitiser drift flaw, which could be rectified with 3rd party apps. It's a hardware issue which even people who've sent their Palms back under warranty, repeatedly, still say it's there. It only affects the lowest part of the screen, under the area where the slider is when it's closed. I've just gotten used to it and mentally adjusted to where the taps go. I've not listed these two things on eBay yet. Make me an offer if you're interested. Otherwise I'll put them up on auction in about a week or so.

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