I've done the video game geek thing and went out this morning to the city to be one of the first in Australia to get my grubby hands on the pristine Polar White Nintendo DS Lite.There were no block-long queues like in Japan, or the opening of an Apple Store, though. The first place I went to was EB Games in Melbourne Central, where I noticed some boys milling about in the store and I overheard them saying something about '..another hour to go', and figured they must be waiting for the DS Lites to be delivered. EB was selling for the RRP of $199, with some free plastic game cases. They did however have a 'deal' where you can get the DS Lite for $99, if you trade in your old DS, along with 2 DS games. Not that a good deal to me, considering my old DS sold on eBay for $96, and i still get to keep all my games! David Jones is having mid-year sales starting today, so next stop, DJ. $199 too, but all DS games 20% off. They have a poor selection though. I had read on some forums last night that Myer was going to sell the DS Lites at an introductory price of $188, so that was where I headed to get mine. To my surprise, it was actually cheaper than that, because they are having a 1-day sale. I ended up paying only $179.10. According to the register chick, they've been flying off the shelves, and it was only 10:30am. If you're in Australia and wanting to get one, quick, head over to Myer while they still have stock! So $179.10 - $96 = $83.10 Not too bad at all. Pat on my own back for netting such a good deal! (oops, is my kiasuism showing? :) ) As I got on the tram to head back home, I saw the same group of boys at EB Games, and some of them had bought DS Lites after all, as I suspected. My new toy is now charging up, and I'll need to pack up my old DS and ship if off to the guy who bought it.

Nintendo DS Lite